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Vic Nicholas
Director – Auctioneer
Licensed Estate Agent

Vic Nicholas has been working in the real estate industry since March 1994 after having worked for the Victorian State Public Service since 1986.


In July 1996 Vic became the youngest Franchisee in all of Victoria for the Stockdale & Leggo Real Estate network.


Vic has experience in all aspects of the industry from selling property to all levels of property management.


It has been noted by many that Vic’s interpersonal skills are second to none as evidenced by the fact that he was one of only four Estate Agents in the entire state of Victoria to score a perfect 100% score in secret customer service quality control mystery buyer reports in November 1999.


All this success can be attributed to his adherence to fundamental principles.


Vic provides an intelligent, educated and honest approach to all matters always keeping in mind the clients needs.


A graduate of R.M.I.T. University Melbourne, Vic is married to Kelly and enjoys overseas travel, watching football and is something of a cricket tragic.

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